December 28, 2010

Case West Report – For A Few Zombies More

Dead Rising 2 Case West
Dead Rising 2’s Xbox exclusive duet, featuring the gruff talents of Chuck Greene and Frank West in a standalone epilogue to the events of Fortune City, is very much a fan driven affair. And while that earth shattering revelation sinks in and turns your world upside down, allow me a few more sentences to elaborate.

Whereas Case Zero functioned as a prequel, a release that lured players into the layered world of slapstick zombie slaying and reality TV characters that furnish the series, Case West services the expectation that the ride through Fortune City has made a fan of you, which if you have any interest in downloading this addition is a safe bet. But while Case West subsequently works to add to the experience of the retail release, the simplicity of playing to fan anticipation makes for a game that feels several shades lazy, or at the very least, far less interested in impressing the player.

A narrower path of narrative priority certainly contributes to that feeling, and the inability to play as Mr. West in single-player sessions is most certainly more likely to upset fans rather than please, and as the game unfolds it’s hard to ignore the idea that an assumption of fandom leads Capcom to believe that said fans will tolerate glaring shortcomings for another dose of Zombrex.


December 13, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case West – Dated and Priced

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Dead Rising 2 Case West
I was starting to wonder if Capcom would make their December timeline, but have no fear, your followup to Dead Rising 2 will bring Chuck and Frank together on the 360 December 27th, and run you a bit more than Case Zero at 800 Microsoft Points.

Carry on.

November 30, 2010

More Dead Rising 2 in December

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Dead Rising 2: Case West
Capcom announced that the Xbox 360 exclusive Case West addition to Dead Rising 2 will be releasing in December – word on what day is still lacking.

Teaming Chuck with Dead Rising’s Frank West offers access to Frank’s camera for all your photo taking needs, along with new combo weapons and items. Perhaps more importantly, Capcom mentions that players going through the game solo will take control of Chuck, while Frank will be AI controlled, a mode in which Frank cannot be killed. As for deciding who gets to be Frank in co-op mode, I recommend rock, paper, scissors.

September 15, 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case West

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Dead Rising 2: Case West
Capcom’s Xbox exclusive bite-sized prologue to Dead Rising 2, Case Zero, has won plenty of gamers over recently, myself included, and Capcom has now revealed that there’s another dose planned to bookend the full retail release of Dead Rising 2.

Following the game’s retail release, Capcom will give Xbox owners another exclusive with Case West, an epilogue that teams Chuck Greene with veteran zombie slayer Frank West, with a co-op mode that will give players the opportunity to dig deeper into the Fortune City outbreak together.

Catch an excellent example of the word “teaser” after the break.


September 10, 2010

Samurai Dead Rising

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Samurai Dead Rising
Seemingly never short on ideas for marketing upcoming titles, Capcom Japan has a site extension for Dead Rising 2 called Samurai Dead Rising – the result being the first in a series of animations that we can all enjoy with breakfast this morning.

Catch your dose of both the undead and hell hounds after the break.


August 31, 2010

Review – Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
If being a single-parent today is a difficult task, Chuck Greene has a doubly hard time ahead trying to survive the pitfalls of Zombieland with his young daughter Katey in-tow. Complicating matters further is a ticking clock requiring her to receive a dose of a wonder drug called Zombrex every twelve hours – else she would join the ranks of infected clogging the road to Las Vegas. Between her and that medication is that never ending sea of zombies as well as the military, and several more colorful characters stepping out of the horror film genre to make an appearance in Capcom’s alternative take on the zombie gaming genre.

It’s an admittedly crowded genre, which Capcom already holds a large share of but still finds niche space for the Dead Rising series with the slower pace of the Romero zombie, a creature eager for the work since largely falling out of cinema favor with a post 28 Days Later audience. And it’s a bit surprising just how well those relics can flourish in a post Left4Dead gaming space, where opportunities to crowd and overwhelm but also still sneak up on players offers new life.

As with the original, Case Zero is a bit of playing out the survivor fantasy first implanted as a thought by Dawn of the Dead, with a mix of horror brevity and cheese to round out the ride. Case Zero offers a prequel glimpse into the sequel, an introduction to Chuck’s ride toward an infected Vegas with a brief stop over that offers players a taste of items, characters, challenges, and of course the horde. What Case Zero really offers is a breath of relief with evidence that Dead Rising 2’s co-development between Capcom and Blue Castle Games is on track to succeed where other externally developed ventures have failed Capcom recently – so far so good.


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