June 14, 2010

The 360 Slim, Now Shipping

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Xbox 360 Slim
They waited until the last minutes of the Press Conference to announce it – in fact I was seriously wondering what was going on, but the Xbox 360 Slim made its appearance after months of rumor and speculation. On the list of things I wasn’t expecting, certainly built-in Wireless of the N variety, and that it would be shipping to stores today. The 250 GB hard drive wasn’t nearly as much of a surprise, and it remains to be seen if it’s whisper quiet like they say – also it’s $299 in case you were wondering.

The only thing more surprising was the Oprah moment where everyone in the audience found out that they’d be receiving a slim courtesy of Microsoft. Well, either that or not getting any price point on Kinect… :/

UPDATE – Word is our friends in Europe can expect the slim on July 16
UPDATE 2 – Internal Removable 250 GB Hard Drive

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