March 17, 2010

In Memory Of – My PSP 2000

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In Memory
Prior to establishing Gamesugar, my PSP-2000 had developed a condition I’ve come to refer to as “PSP Leprosy” – a series of strange blotches staining the screen in permanent places. At the time I was quite concerned that this would cut its working career short, but the handheld soldiered on, ready to meet the new challenges that lay ahead during the year in gaming that is 2010.

However, during a recent adhoc co-op session for Metal Slug Double X, it was clear that my PSP was running much slower than its partner, with significantly longer load-times and finally a screen freezing glitch that forced me to remove the battery to turn it off. Still I held out hope that it might overcome this, only to have the freezing get progressively worse, until I was forced to accept that the patient was lost last night during an attempted revisit of Jeanne D’arc.

It’s impossible not to question why the young are sometimes cut short, long before their time and prior to releases like Valkyria Chronicles 2, Patchwork Heroes, and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker – potential joys my PSP will never know. It’s true that the candle that burns twice as bright often lasts only half as long, and surely my PSP was able to attend gaming events and sample review code that made its short life far from ordinary.

I don’t expect an answer regarding the wisdom of the great designer in this situation, I can only mourn the passing of a portable device that gave itself in the service of gamers, in the hope of bringing a better level of information and game writing to their lives.

Assuming you’ll indulge me, a list of this PSP’s published service record can be found after the break, a permanent memorial in remembrance of its accomplishments.

Goodnight my first PSP, while I will undoubtedly be forced to replace you with another, you will never be forgotten.


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