March 8, 2012

Review Crow vs. Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch!

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Fun Fun Minigolf Touch
Caw ca-caw, caw caw caw caaaaaaw! Caaaw! Caw caaaaaaw c-caw caaaw! Caw c-caw caw caaaaaw! C-caw caw! Caw c-caw – caw caw c-caw caaaw!

[Being a bird of modest upbringing, Review Crow was initially put off by the title of this latest eShop release. For instance, Review Crow certainly doesn’t go around insisting that humans refer to him as Awesome! Awesome! Review Crow, and he very well could given that such a statement is rooted in absolute fact.

However, after scratching up the touchpad for an afternoon, Review Crow feels that there is something to this minigolf business beyond silly outfits providing birds with brightly colored targets.]

Caw ca-caw, caw caw caw! Caw c-caw, caaaaw! Caw c-caw caaaw! C-caw caw caw caw, caw caw – caw, c-caaaaaw ca-caaw!

[Review Crow appreciates any game that takes into consideration the fact that he only has one talon free to use at a time. The touchpad is used to set the direction of a stroke, and pulling back the ball allows players to set the force of the swing as well as a small meter that influences the angle of strokes.

Review Crow feels that this simplicity should make the game easily accessible for all humans and perhaps even slow-witted Blue Jays.]

Caw! C-caw caw! Caaaw! Cawww! Caw c-caw caw caw! Caaaaw! Caw Caw; ca-caaw! Caw!

[Because Review Crow doesn’t like to stay in any one spot for more than a few minutes, being able to slip in a quick nine holes is ideal. There are three locations for circuits, Asia, Europe and America, and trick shot stages where players can attempt to collect shiny coins with the least number of strokes.]

Caw caw, c-caw caw caw! Caw c-caw caw caw! Caw caaaaaaw! Caw c-caw caw; c-caw caw caw c-caw caw c-caw caaaw!

[Earning cash is essential to unlocking higher rated circuits and trick shot stages, as well as terrifically hideous clothing. Review Crow enjoys making human players look as ridiculous as possible, because humans are ridiculous and should be forced to acknowledge this while trudging through their grey, featherless world.]

Caw ca-caw, caw caw caw caaaaaaw! Caaaw! Caw caaaaaaw c-caw caaaw! Caw c-caw caw caaaaaw! C-caw caw! Caw c-caw – caw caw c-caw caaaw!

[Review Crow feels that the course designs are rather clever for something designed by humans, offering a mix of straightforward shots to always ensure some earnings, and also providing slopes and obstacles that require experimentation. However, Review Crow doesn’t understand the difference between scoring an “eagle” and an “albatross” and feels that if humans spent time in a tree with either of those snobs they would not name good things after them – the obvious choice for all successful shots is “Crow”.]

Caw caw, c-caw caw caw, caaaw! Caw ca-caw, caw caw caw caaaaaaw; c-caw caaaw! Caw, Caw caaaaw caw c-caw – caw c-caw caw caaaaaw!

[Review Crow is aware that you silly monkeys spend much of your day rushing around to earn colored paper and shiny coins while Review Crow laughs from his tree, but feels that trading $4.99 of it toward this portable minigolf quick-fix is a reasonable investment that should adequately entertain your easily distracted brains.]


  1. Review Crow is right. EdEN is currently at the office, waiting for the afternoon to come so he can download Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! in order to enjoy it, and write a review about it.

    Comment by EdEN — March 8, 2012 @ 2:18 pm

  2. Review crow, you are the best.

    Comment by AngelosLH — March 12, 2012 @ 4:52 pm

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