August 17, 2010

Your Fall Nintendo Release List

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Nintendo Fall 2010 Release List
Waking up to solid dates for the many games Nintendo listed for the last months of 2010 still manages to leave a few titles up in the air – Epic Mickey just refuses to let go of the holiday season as its date, and Shantae seems to feel the same way. The rest of the list manages to present the image of there being a little something for everyone, or a complete overdose that will break your wallet depending on your gaming agenda.

Still expect to see Metroid on the shelves August 31 and Samurai Warriors 3 on September 27, and then prepare to be bombarded as Wii Party releases on October 3, Kirby’s Epic Yarn hits on October 17, and November sees PokéPark Wii on the 1st, FlingSmash on the 7th, and Donkey Kong Country Returns on the 21st.

Sprinkled inbetween those dates you can still expect Professor Layton and the Unwound Future on September 12, Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs on October 4, Art Academy on October 25, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! on November 14.

Of course there’s also third party releases like Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light on October 5th, and the outing of the next title from Gaijin Games this fall, Bit.Trip Fate.

Considering this is only Nintendo’s schedule and doesn’t include every third party offering hitting the DS and Wii, are we all ready for another spin on the holiday landslide ride?


  1. I need over $1,000 to get every game I want from now until december 31st and that’s only Wii and DS. How am I going to find the time AND money for this?

    Comment by EdEN — August 17, 2010 @ 2:26 pm

  2. I still think Kirby needs a subtitle change. Epic Mickey and Epic Yarn sound lame to me. Are they trying to get the God Of War crowd interested? With all this “epic!” talk and all. Magical Yarn, Awesome Sauce Yarn, Cooltastical Yarn, are all better than Epic Yarn. Feel free to use one of those instead Nintendo.

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — August 22, 2010 @ 4:37 pm

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