June 12, 2010

Must Love Videogames

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Must Love Videogames
You can catch Gametrailers’ montage footage for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World just about anywhere on the Net today – including Gametrailers of all places, how crazy is that?

On the eve of spending time with dozens of titles looking to seduce gamers with new standards of hyper-reality, here comes a release that doesn’t simply feed on my childhood, but rather a videogame that seems to enjoy being a videogame – pixel impossibilities that pop with sparks of life more earnest and bright than anything taxing the processing power of modern consoles.

If that sounds like a bunch of bullshit, well, wanting hands on games we don’t yet have makes gamers say crazy things – if you don’t believe me just check out Tiny Cartridge’s Eric Caoili finally reaching the breaking point over Game Center CX 2.

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