January 11, 2011

Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue
Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Blade Runner, Snatcher, and plenty more combination’s of slipstream jazz came to mind while watching a trailer for Gemini Rue earlier today.

This decidedly old-school adventure game has players assuming the role of two characters – specifically an ex-assassin and an amnesiac brought together within a bleak world controlled by the Boryokudan crime syndicate. Slipping into the sci-fi noir realm grabs my attention most any day, and the visual throwback here definitely helps keep it.

Previously known as Boryokudan Rue, the winner of last year’s Independent Game Festival Student Showcase is getting a PC release on February 24th via Wadjet Eye Games, and today became available for pre-order with both a download and disc version.

The digital copy is running $14.99, while the limited edition CD version runs $24.99 and includes an MP3 soundtrack.

Anyway, catch the trailer and see if it sweeps your fancy today as well – and if you like what you see remember to pay Wadjet Eye Games a visit to find out more.


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