December 17, 2010

Treasure Hunting

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Treasure Hunting
Hori is fishing for interest in the ultimate accessory for Treasure fans. This proposed Radiant Silvergun arcade stick aims to replicate the arcade on Japanese 360’s when the game hits XBLA, assuming Hori gets enough pre-order interest to put it into production between now and January 4th. Keep in mind it will set you back 13,500 Yen, which I’m led to believe currently works out to just over $160 USD.

I suppose one could justify the purchase based on that being what a Saturn copy of the game could cost at times, but loving Treasure can often be an expensive affair any way you slice it. On the doubleplus good side of life, we get Radiant Silvergun next year too, I remain ridiculously happy about that.

If you’re tempted, you can pay Hori a visit for more info.

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