August 30, 2010

The View from FanExpo 2010

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Fan Expo 2010
Yesterday I joined a full-capacity crowd to check out Toronto’s 2010 FanExpo. The volume of attendees was an overwhelming testament to Toronto’s enthusiasm for such events, and a really incredible spectacle – unless you were the Fire Marshall.

The gaming presence was more subtle than I’d expected. Sony’s Move station was more like a coffee sized kiosk, and two other small booths offered some hands on with Halo Reach and Kinect – though I did spot at least one Wii station running Sin and Punishment 2.

So I switched off from gaming for the day and strolled around what quickly became the best part of FanExpo – the artist alley. Those aisles were a sea of visual overload and worth more than what I could fit into a single day but, topping my list of aesthetic treats, you should definitely pay a visit to Hyein Lee, I grabbed two of her prints yesterday and have since agonized over others I left behind.

Other artists to visit include Alana McCarthy, who tapped into my love of both robots and kittens, and the Okami set should check out tiikay over at deviantart for a great dose of Amaterasu prints that I could use more of on my walls.

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