January 12, 2012

The Asura’s Wrath Demo – What Just Happened? Edition

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Asuras Wrath Demo
I just finished doing something with the Asura’s Wrath demo. I don’t wholly know what it is that I did, and really, I’m not sure what kind of thing I did it with.

Ostensibly, Asura’s Wrath is a beat ‘em up—except, I think I maybe beat up three guys in the course of the demo, for a total of perhaps ninety seconds of gameplay.

The demo chiefly consists of cut-scenes and quick-time events; it plays like an interactive episode of Dragonball Z, where following the prompts progresses the story, chiefly by causing Asura to get angry and hit things harder.

Interspersed were a few brief gameplay interludes, where I actually had some limited freedom to move Asura and do what I would typically describe as “playing the game.”

These sequences involved A) running and blasting things, or B) running and punching things. In the latter section, I fought what would, in any other game, be called a boss battle—but strangely, even this brawl felt suspiciously as if it were on rails. Not that it was, not truly, but there was a pattern, there were prompts—and eventually, I understood that the game was trying to make me play out a cinematic with my own two hands. If the boss knocked me back, I could tap quickly and recover—if I advanced perfectly through his assault, I could attack. If I was exactly skilled enough, I would use all the right moves and the battle would simply look like a cut-scene.

It would look like a good one, too. The aesthetic of Asura’s Wrath is, in a word, brilliant. I’ve never seen a videogame look like this—like a painting come to life. What’s accomplished here is what so many games struggle endlessly with and never achieve; a true visual dynamism where the nature of the image can change, like a brush stroke, becoming smooth and calming or stressed and furious. The visuals alone demand attention, insisting the game be played.

If there is a game, that is. At the end of the demo, a title screen thanked me for playing, and I sat there, wondering: had I played? I had mashed some buttons, sure—but whether there’s a game here? Whether this is a videogame? I really don’t know.

I do want to find out.

August 4, 2010

Your Recommended Dose of Solatorobo

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Whilst getting into gear here in Sugarland, I couldn’t help noticing that there’s a healthy dose of concept art from CyberConnect 2’s upcoming DS title Solatorobo floating around this morning – which of course necessitates this PSA.

Aside from the fact that I like to mention every update about this Japanese release, you should definitely investigate for yourself if you dig fresh designs, or if you just have an unhealthy interest in humanoid animals.

Meanwhile I’ll return to waiting for any word that lends hope for an North American release.

UPDATE – Ahh Snap, we get a trailer today too, catch it after the break.


July 29, 2010

Every Dog Has Its Day

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Solarobo picked up a name adjustment along with a Japanese DS release date of October 28, 2010, under the name Solatorobo. CyberConnect2’s answer to my forgotten love of Tail Concerto also has a hefty collector’s edition box that brings together the always appreciated artbook and soundtrack cd.

Add to to this a bonus disc with either edition of the game and it seems a safe bet that the only way we’ll ever see these goodies in North America is if XSEED picks the title up.

Check out the game’s site for more details / images / dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria.

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