May 26, 2010

Imaginary Interviews – Bomberman

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Imaginary Interviews
There are a lot of videogames that involve having to destroy a few, or a few hundred enemy creatures that pose a threat to you as you try to trek to wherever your destination may be. It’s easy to forgive Mario for stomping his enemies into the ground, because they would probably do the same to him as soon he let his guard down.

Bomberman is a bit different though – he actively invades habitats just to destroy whatever is living there. It’s almost like some sort of commentary on the world – he is humanity personified, and he has a habit of seeking out new lands and exploding whatever gets in his way. Or he’s just running around and doing what most of us would do if we were given access to an unlimited amount of bombs.

Either way, he’s a pretty entertaining guy, but I can’t help but think that Bomberman is also kind of a jerk.

Imaginary Interviews #2

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