September 8, 2010

Send In The Elites

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Halo Reach
I suppose even I can’t resist giving in to Halo hype a little, perhaps thanks in part to an advertising blitzkrieg, not so much meant to assume you’ve never heard of Halo, but more to assure you don’t hear about anything else.

Sometimes I feel morally obligated to not mention Halo, but I don’t know if that’s because I foolishly try to resist the Tzars of fashion, or because I sometimes wake up feeling incomplete unless I’ve found some new reason to like my 360 more while liking Microsoft’s direction less. I might just be a hackneyed writer, terrific lover, and all around bad person.

What I do like, in the simplest words available, are the Covenant Elite. Ever since my first co-op session with Combat Evolved, the Covenant Elite have become one of my favorite adversaries since an Alien knocked boots with a Predator to birth them into the gaming universe.

I don’t know whether alien-samurai-religious-fanatics in space justify a slim hope that Reach can do something interesting. I also don’t know why the elites can never come across quite as fierce as they should, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that if you ever get close enough to one the emphasis is on butting a gun barrel upside their head rather than looking for drool and venom.

At the very least, their split/second appearance caused me to watch today’s extended live-action Halo spot more than once, so I guess I’ll stick it after the break.

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