June 15, 2010

Trailer Park – Mindjack

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Anyone who gave Cavia’s 2004 PlayStation 2 title, Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex a chance will undoubedly recall the game’s most unique feature, namely the occassional ability to hack opponents in order to turn enemies against one another for short bouts of time.

Square-Enix has released an E3 trailer for another title with developer Feelplus, who possibly thought that was as good an idea for a fuller game as I did at the time. How it comes together remains to be seen of course, but I’d appreciate a game that offers me a chance to jump out of stereotypical and obligatory lead characters to take others for a spin.

Either way, somebody needs to start giving Squeenix a hand naming games. Anybody else immediately remember that awesomely awful Emilio Estevez / Mick Jagger movie Freejack?

Catch the trailer after the break.

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