Trailer Park – Dead Nation

Zombies – The only humanoids you can slaughter in videogames that cause less weight on your conscience than Nazis.

Continuing the zombie craze that has infected both cinema and games in recent years, Dead Nation is an upcoming PSN exclusive that looks a lot like the reportedly underwhelming Zombie Apocalypse from Konami. However, with a cheesy trailer, tons of zombie gibs, and the promise of co-op, the game already has the trappings that keep dragging us back for more. Dead Nation will also keep track of national statistics if you’re into that sort of thing.

You can check out the trailer after the cut while I go flog myself for not resisting that zombie pun in the paragraph above.

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  • Ujn Hunter

    I guess I’m the Anti-EdEN when it comes to downloadable exclusives… I can only pray that Sony pulls out of the hardware business and starts releasing games as a third party like Sega! Woo! Yeah! Do it! :\

    • Ujn Hunter

      P.S. Zombies don’t run.