December 22, 2011

Interview – Alien Trap talks Capsized and Apotheon

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Interview Alien Trap
The developers of the Indie game Capsized, released on Steam last April, are working on having it ported to console and iOS, and also have a new unannounced project on the way. Capsized is a retro inspired side-scrolling action/platformer that combines shooter elements with physics-based puzzle solving.

In an interview with Jesse McGibney, Co-founder of the developer, Alien Trap, he says Capsized will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade by the end of December followed by an iPad version.

Alien Trap is a two-man Game Developer consisting solely of McGibney, the Illustrator and Lee Vermeulen, the programmer. Sound design has been handled by freelancers for their games so far.

Apotheon Concept Art

“Capsized started as a school project,” says McGibney. When he was a fourth-year Illustration student at Sheridan College in Oakville he was contacted by Vermeulen, who was then a Computer Science student at the University of Saskatchewan, about making a videogame as a school project. McGibney had an interest in game design so he agreed to help.

“After we graduated we kept working on [Capsized],” says McGibney. The two decided to quit their jobs and start working on it full-time, and Alien Trap was formed.

Alien Trap’s new project is called Apotheon, an Action RPG set in ancient Greece. McGibney says they have been working on it “for the past 4-5 months.”

“You are a dead hero who’s gone to Hades,” explains McGbney. “It’s an alternate telling of Greek myth.”

Like Capsized, it is a side-scrolling adventure but this time will feature more role-playing elements such as equipping new armour and weapons and a more open world. However McGibney says “it won’t be a heavy RPG” and points out that the player “won’t level up.”

Apotheon Concept Art

“I think a lot of people were expecting Capsized to be more open,” explains McGibney. Apotheon will feature a more free-roaming level design, akin to games like Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

“The big difference [between Capsized and Apotheon] is it’s a big art style change,” says McGibney. While Capsized had a more vibrant visual style with dense jungle environment, Apotheon will have a simplified style to look like ancient Greek pottery paintings.

“Everything is very iconic and symbolic,” says McGibney.

Another new gameplay element not present in Capsized is that Apotheon will feature several multiplayer modes like death-match and team-based gameplay.

“We’re working on [the multiplayer] first because it’s a much easier environment to work on [gameplay] mechanics,” says McGibney. Apotheon will feature a full single-player mode as well once the game is complete.

Apotheon has no set release date yet but Alien Trap hopes to have something playable to show in the coming months.

“We should have some stuff pop up in [trade]shows [soon],” says McGibney.

[You can pay Alien Trap a visit at their website here.]

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  1. Nice, I dig Capsized, look forward to it on XBLA. Also… I went to Sheridan College too! ;)

    Comment by Ujn Hunter — December 28, 2011 @ 2:57 am

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